Welcome to Hotel HANSA in Mendig, Germany amidst the Volcano Park and holiday region lake Laacher See

Our cosy Lounge

First sunbeams run through our lounge in the early morning hours and illuminate the wall paintings

Our hotel-lounge welcomes you since 2016.

Start you day with some coffee or tea specialties, while the first sunbeams are running through the lounge and illuminate the wall paintings.

Relax in the afternoon or evening in a cosy atmosphere, sitting in a comfortable arm chair and drinking some refreshing beverages. Take your time-out for reading some magazin or newspaper and watching at the calming fireplace / electric fire chimney...

The cosy lounge in the early evening with it's calming fireplace / electric fire chimney

WiFi-Internet (WLAN) is available and
free of charge, if you prefer to use your Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop.

Drinks are served while breakfast time and
usually from 16:00h - 21:00h (4pm - 9pm).

Our on-site restaurant will be closed.
Various restaurants or cafés can be found nearby. A list and overview map you find at our webpage restaurants around »

Take a seat and relax at out cosy lounge