Welcome to Hotel HANSA in Mendig, Germany amidst the Volcano Park and holiday region lake Laacher See

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Sights and points of interest (POI)

HOLIDAY REGION MENDIG   |   www.mendig.de
Attractions and events in our holiday region and in the city Mendig.
LAVA-DOME  (languages: EN & FR)   |   www.lava-dome.de
The German Volcanic Museum in Mendig welcomes you with interactive and informative elements to learn more about the geological phenomena of our Eifel region. This webpage provides also information about the LAVA-KELLER (cellar) and open-air museum Museumslay.
ABBEY MARIA LAACH ONLINE  (languages: EN & FR)   |   www.maria-laach.de
For detailled information regarding the Benedictine Abbey and the surroundings.
GEYSER ANDERNACH / NAMEDY  (EN)   |   www.geysir-andernach.de
Learn about the world's highest cold water geyser "next door". Enjoy your day trip by visiting the interactive museum, a short boat trip on the Rhine river and the eruption of the geyser.
NUERBURGRING  (EN & NL)   |   www.nuerburgring.de
The legendary Nordschleife "North Loop / Green Hell", the Formula 1 racetrack, varied racing events and experiences and the new RingWerk and RingBoulevard.
VULKAN-EXPRESS / BROHLTAL EISENBAHN   |   www.vulkan-express.de
A restful journey through the Eifel Mountains with a restored steam locomotive.
VOLCANO PARC EASTERN EIFEL REGION  (EN, FR, NL)   |   www.vulkanpark.com
A volcanic region in the heart of Germany – inactive but not extinct.
Get all information about the 27 volcano parc stations, containing landscape monuments and the interactive museums (Lava-Dome & Cellar, Geyser, Terra Vulcania, main Info-Center, Roman Mine Meurin and the Museum of the Pumice Stone industry). All stations are connected by four coloured routes (blue, yellow, red and green) for an easy navigation while travelling by car.
ELTZ CASTLE  (EN)   |   www.burg-eltz.de
Knights. Myths. Treasures. Surrounded by Eltz Forest, this fairy tale in stone rises out of a steep valley. Unscathed by wars, this 850 year old castle has a lot of original treasures to explore.  Further on, the Traumpfad hiking trail "Eltzer Burgpanorama" is passing by. This trail was elected as "Germany's most beautiful Hiking Trail" in 2013.
CABLE CAR KOBLENZ  (EN)   |   www.seilbahn-koblenz.de
Float over the River Rhine. This cable car connects the fortress Ehrenbreitstein with the lower German Corner (Deutsches Eck) and Koblenz old town. Up to 18 panorama cabins/gondolas are "flying" 850 m through the romantic UNESCO Middle Rhine Valley.
PHANTASIALAND  (EN, FR, NL)   |   www.phantasialand.de
One of the biggest theme parks in Germany. Located in Bruehl nearby Cologne, about 65 km.

Hiking trails and further suggestions:

TRAUMPFADE  (languages: EN & NL)   |   www.traumpfade.info
A network of 26 Traumpfade "Premium Hiking Trails" - a quality certification from the German Hiking Institute - covers the Rhine-Moselle-Eifel Region.
GERMAN VOLCANO-STREET (language: EN)   |   www.deutsche-vulkanstrasse.com
The "Deutsche Vulkanstrasse" is a well signposted holiday- and experience route. 39 geological, culture- or industry historical sights are connected along this 280 km route through the volcanic Eifel.
HIKING PARADISE VORDEREIFEL   |   www.vordereifel.eu
In our neighbour region Vordereifel many more hiking trails are waiting for you.
RHEINSTEIG TRAIL  (EN)   |   www.rheinsteig.de
The Rheinsteig hiking trail runs along the right bank of the River Rhine between Bonn, Koblenz and Wiesbaden along predominantly narrow paths and challenging inclines, uphill and downhill, leading to forests, vineyards and spectacular views.
RHEINBURGENWEG TRAIL  |   www.rheinburgenweg.com
Follow the RheinBurgenWeg hiking trail from castle to castle and following the River Rhine in up to 13 legs/stages from Bingen to Remagen opposite to the Rheinsteig hiking trail.
UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle RHINE VALLEY  (EN)
This World Heritage Site owes its particular appearance to the natural shape of the River Rhine landscape and to man's intervention. The Rhine valley is reachable in about 15 km (e.g. Andernach).
WESTERWALDSTEIG  (EN & NL)   |   www.westerwald.info
Hike through the well wooded Westerwald, in total 235 km from Herborn to Bad Hönningen.
AHRSTEIG / ROTWEINWANDERWEG  (EN & NL)   |   www.ahrsteig.de
These trails lead you along the River Ahr and through the romantic vineyards (mostly red wine).
KD - CRUISES ON THE RHINE  (EN)   |   www.k-d.com
Plan your boat trip or theme cruise on the River Rhine.