Welcome to Hotel HANSA in Mendig, Germany amidst the Volcano Park and holiday region lake Laacher See

Excursion destinations

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Wingertsberg's mountain face

Discover the volcano park

  • LAVA-DOME the German Volcanic Museum in Mendig - 700 m walking distance

  • "Volcano Brewery" with it's home-brewed "Vulkanbršu" and the world's deepest storage and beer cellars - 500 m

  • "LAVA-KELLER", entrance into the basalt cellars. A unique caves area of 3 sq km, 32 m below ground- 400 m / 700 m
Cold water geyser - with its up to 60m high fontaine
  • Open-air museum with historical artifacts - 800 m

  • Wingertsberg's mountain face, evidence of volcanic activity (picture) - 800 m

  • Laacher See/ Maria Laach, extinct volcano and now the largest nature reserve in Rhineland-Palatinate - 3 km

  • Eifel museum, Genoveva castle, the walkable slate mine and the experience centre Terra Vulcania in Mayen - 7 km

  • Roman mine "Meurin", a more than 2000 year old quarry - 6 km

  • Volcanic information centrum "Rauschermuehle", Plaidt - 12 km

  • World's highest cold water geyser and it's multimedia museum, Andernach / Namedyer Werth (picture) - 14 km

Castle Eltz nearby the town Wirschem

Sights and attractions near by

  • Benedictine Abbey in Maria Laach: More than 900 years old Romanesque architecture - 3 km

  • Genoveva castle with it's open-air theatre festival, Mayen - 7 km

  • Chateau Buerresheim in the Nette river valley, near Mayen

  • Well-known castle Eltz nearby Wierschem (picture) - 20 km

  • Rhine - Moselle - Ahr: Three different river valleys and each is a world-famous wine-growing area, all within 20 km radius

  • Deutsches Eck: Confluence of the River Rhine and Moselle, close by is also the historic section of Koblenz city
The German Corner in Koblenz - Confluence of the Rhine and Moselle river and the new cable car
  • Fortress and museum Ehrenbreitstein, Koblenz - 29 km

  • BUGA Koblenz   "2011 was our summer"
    After 185 days of opening and about 3.55 m. visitors, the Federal Horticultural Show finished in the middle of October 2011. Today, you are invited to float again with the new cable car from the German corner (Deutsches Eck) towards the fortress Ehrenbreitstein. Here you will enjoy the beautiful view on the confluence of Rhine and Moselle (picture)
UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley
  • UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley, with the legendary Loreley, many monuments and castles (picture)

  • Experience the romantic Rhine river valley by hiking on the trails "Rheinsteig" or "RheinBurgenWeg"

  • Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler with it's volcanic hot springs resort is also well-known as a paradise for tasty red wine - 28 km
Legandary racetrack Nuerbugring - DTM-race in 2009
  • Monreal: The quaint little timbered village with two ruined castles and "Germany's most beautiful trail 2011" the Traumpfad "Monrealer Ritterschlag" - 16 km

  • Nuerburgring: The international renowned Formula 1 racetrack and "Green Hell" of the Eifel Mountains with it's interactive museum "RingWerk" (picture) - 27 km

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